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Fantastic choice to give your business the best chance of engaging your customers. We at Digital Fish are really looking forward to working with you.

I will be contacting you within the next 24-72 hours (depending if we are in a weekend or not) to confirm your package choice, find out more about your business, what makes it tick, and the type of advert you are looking for.

We need to have a chat regarding your customers, what drives them and what your expectations are. 

Feel free to contact me using the adjacent contact form. You can also book an hour as part of the consultation process if your calendar is particularly busy so we can have some uninterrupted time together to discuss your needs at: http://digitalfish.site/appointments/

I really look forward to making your experience a great one. 


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Digital Fish

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2017 Special Option

You will only be seeing this if you have made a purchase before the end of 2017. This very special offer will not be offered to any other business who makes a purchase from us after 2017 – EVER!

As part of our launch we are offering our Video Mates animated sales persons at a highly discounted rate that is grandfathered post 2017.

These video mates are absolutely incredible, the latest in lip sync technology who act as a 24 X 7 sales person for your business.

Setup costs for these amazing animated video mates is usually $397.00. This may involve getting a professional voice over, and setting up an animation on you web page.

Post 2017 the cost of monthly rental for these unique animations will be $197.00.

As a extra special gift for you our customer, we are offering the setup cost at $97 (more than 75% off), and a monthly rental of $47 (another 75% off). The best thing is, should you decide to keep them, or even add more, you will pay that price for as long as you decide to keep them – with no lock in contact. Even after the 2017 deadline you will have these prices grandfathered until you decide to no longer keep them. You will never pay what other businesses have to pay for this service – EVER!

Up and above our consultation I will setup and demonstrate how these video mates look on your website for free if you have an interest taking up this once in a lifetime offer.

This offer will absolutely be withdrawn and never repeated, so please at least take up the offer to have these demonstrated – you have nothing to lose but so, so much to gain.

Best regards,

Doug Turner

Digital Fish.