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Advertising Video Packages

Buy any of our advertising videos using the packages below.

There are packages below for professional 60 second customised spokesperson adverts, out of the box customised animated adverts or out of the box whiteboard videos, You can also purchase fully original, professional customised  spokesperson, animated, or whiteboard advertisements.

Have a professional voice over artist bring your animation or whiteboard video to life is a great move and highly suggested. Whiteboard and animation videos are the perfect way to engage your customers – which is important when you consider the cost of traffic (visitors). Using a customised animation is the perfect way to deliver a very simple message. And the truth is you want to keep your message simple.

Whiteboard videos are where a hand draws your advert for you, writing out your messages with characters and images to assist delivering that message in a simple but very effective manner. What draws in customers is the development of the video, telling a story as it moves along – so visitors are kept totally glued to what is coming next. A great option, with customised out-of-the-box videos being a really cost effective option. 

If you want to check out examples of the types of available videos, you can go to the Animation Services page

When you select any of the specific packages you will be taken to another page that clearly specifies the package that you have selected to purchase.

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