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Below this page in the ‘Buy” menu are all of the different packages we offer.

Each of the packages complement different aspects of marketing for businesses. Whist our primary services deal with all things video and animation, we also offer other services including various SEO services (local SEO, Organic SEO, and Competitive SEO), Website creation, Content Marketing services, Paid Advertising, and Social Media setup and Management. 

When marketing campaigns are purchased we have a comprehensive CRM to track your prospects for all adverting campaigns you have with us. We will setup your target forms used to capture all of your your leads from the various sources you are using our services for (SEO, PPC, Social Media,etc). We capture your cold leads, warm and hot leads, through to success of enlisting a new customer. The graphical interface and data reporting is amazing – allowing you to manage all of your customers and your campaign goals from one place.

Centralised User Management dashboard to monitor or manage all of the marketing campaigns you have with us (keywords, rankings, keyword performance), paid ads dashboard (showing performance of your Ad-words or paid advertising campaigns) for those who purchase SEO, PPC, or Social Media packages. If you would like to see a demonstration please contact us via a contact form to see how comprehensive this dashboard actually is. Please be sure to state your need to see a demonstration.

For a web design we can offer mock up services, so you can be sure of what you are getting up and above the designs we have displayed in our web portfolio page. This level of control when buying one of our website packages will give you a great deal of confidence.

The key thing is to remember that we can cater for any of your business marketing needs. Also should you require a combination of packages we can offer a generous discount to meet your needs – so please feel free to contact us.

The following is a list of the services with ‘Buy’ links that you can use.

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