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Video Mates Packages

Ever wish you could talk to your customers visiting your website and give then a special message? Now you can with Video Mates. These little sale buddies are perfect for small and medium business where every traffic visitor is gold.

Video Mates are perfect for businesses that need to show your customers attention. When the message is personalised they don’t feel alone and can be encouraged to look around, signup for specials or be directed to a hidden feature on your website.

Remember that less is more when delivering a message. Do not cram in to much – your goal is to direct your visitor in the most simplest way possible. Too much can lose your visitor easily. We are here to assist you through this process.

The ‘Basic’ package is a steal at $397 for $1220 value, highly affordable for small businesses to try out the video sales mates. Your’e entire package is setup and delivered for a full three months. Remember you can also do your own voice over or have a friend do it for you on this package. We will show you the full range of human video mates as well as the 2D and 3D video mates. There is a very large selection to choose from.

The best value however is in the Gold package which reveals an extra special feature, provides you with a professional voice over for your video mate (comes with a Commercial Licence) and 3 months extra rental free. Having a professional voice over artist deliver your message makes a huge difference in bringing to life your Video Mate – particularly the 3D figures. 

The Professional package is by far the best deal, positioned at $1497,00 for $4572,00 worth of value. Not only do you get a professional voice over, 2 extra video mates, a video mate human actor done specifically for your business, but also a full 12 months rental free period. You can use your professional voice over for one of your extra 2D or 3D video mates. These extra mates can be used to highlight your flagship product or service, just welcome your visitors, answer FAQ’s, upcoming specials, and much more. 

After your free rental period has expired you can decide, based on performance, if you wish to continue or not. If not we will simply remove your account otherwise it is simply an ongoing payment of $97.00 a month. 

Buy any of our Video Mates  packages using the table below.

When you select any of the specific packages you will be taken to another page that clearly specifies the package that you have selected to purchase.

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